Restoring Tribal Tending of Black Oaks in Yosemite Valley

The black oak tribal stewardship project aims to restore reciprocal caretaking relationships among tribally affiliated people with Yosemite and the oak groves.

Fire | In Their Element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

This is the third episode of “In Their Element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water” a four-part docuseries that spotlights Indigenous leaders who work to protect these elements that sustain life.

Healing Justice: Oakland Museum
After three years of a global pandemic, ongoing racial unrest, climate disasters, and a divisive political landscape, these public artists are turning to practices that offer us opportunities to engage in communal healing.
Yurok Tribe Reintroduces California Condor After 100 Year Absence

The critically endangered California condor has been absent from Northern California redwood forests for over a century -- until May 3rd, 2022, when the Yurok Tribe and Redwood National and State Parks reintroduced two birds to the woodland area.

50 Years of Raptors

From very humble beginnings the California Raptor Center at UC Davis has had a difficult journey to becoming a world renowned leader of raptor rehabilitation. "50 Years of Raptors: California Raptor Center" tells the fifty year history of the California Raptor Center, as told by the key founder and subsequent staff.

Groundworks profiles four of the California Native co-creators of the “Groundworks” project—a performance on Alcatraz Island on San Francisco’s first official Indigenous People’s Day in October 2018.
El Panteón de Sacramento
2021 El Panteón de Sacramento. Three day festival celebrating Sacramento's largest and longest running Día de los Muertos celebrations. Put on annually by the Latino Center of Art and Culture.
Lesser Nighthawk Wildlife Documentary

Short documentary highlighting the nesting period of Lesser Nighthawks.

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